Brush Country Studios SA  Game Ranch

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Where awesome is just the beginning! 

Rocky & Dian Cooper
thank you for the 
opportunity you gave us to create
 a masterwork

uniquely for you to treasure for
generations to come....

We are no longer offering taxidermy
services at this time and look 

forward to continued nyala game breeding,
 wildlife conservation,
package plains game hunting....

With sincere gratefulness,
Rocky and Dian Cooper

Nyala Game Breeding

Rocky and Dian Cooper thank you for your business 

 over the past several decades.

After selling our business in Cypress,Texas in 2015 to Texas corporation -

P M Wildlife Studios, Inc. and Texas limited liability company -Brush Country Studios, LLC,

we pursued our dream in beautiful South Africa.  

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue with wildlife 

conservation through efforts of 

game breeding and select hunting of

African game species.  

Please continue to support wildlife conservation with the following organizations....


Dallas Safari Club

Houston Safari Club